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Our Training Methodology

Learning Experience Are Like Journeys.

Medium of Instruction

Courses are conducted either in English, Hindi & Malayalam. Written examinations likewise will be provided either in English, Hindi and malayalam. Preferred medium of instruction must be specified upon registration (only in special cases other language will be used for training purpose


History & origin , basic terms used would be explained. Main emphasis would be on understanding the basic principles & philosophy behind the module & underlying concepts which would be extremely important to know from Practical application of that modules...


Steps wise demonstrations would be done to let the trainees understand each techniques and trainees would practice till the trainers are satisfied with the Practical skills attained by the trainees.

Research & Assignments

Each student would be required to do research on subject related to spa industry or any other topic as suggested by instructors.


The students would get to work in a simulated work atmosphere to attend the guest , treat the guest, provide the treatment to the guest. This would build the confidence amongst the students by way of developing skills on Guest service, Handling reception, guest consultation and products selling etc..


Regular assessment after each modules and a comprehensive final examination is administered towards the end of each diploma course, A final examination covers a written examination (MCQ) to evaluate the theoretical knowledge of the students and a practical examination for demonstration of hands-on skills.


Each student who completes a course receives an Appraisal Form, which explains the student’s weaknesses,strengths,skills passed and grade, including recommendations from the instructors.